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New Collection Launched Today

Hoping you had a safe and fabulous New Years Eve!

As for New Years Day... it`s excitement plus, for me! My new and exclusive collection, for Mandi at Home, was launched this morning! You can check it out at

This collection is strong and vibrant and more abstract than my work here but I am so pleased to be able to say that I am really proud of it and looking forward to creating more work, soon. Originals will only be available from Mandi but I may have a few prints available, soon, if we are really lucky but they are Limited Edition so if you really must have one, which you really must ;) grab one from Mandi, so you don`t miss out.

New year, new collection, big dreams and exciting plans for 2019.

I hope you enjoy what 2019 has in store... now go and check out the new collection!

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