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New on the Easel!

Christmas is always a busy time and although it`s lots of fun, it can be exhausting, even if you are just exhausted from over indulging.

This week started with a second large commission, to sit alongside the one from last week. you can see them over on the Commissions blog and in Archives, if you missed them on Instagram and Facebook.

Anyway, yesterday was spent trying to find inspiration to paint but gessoing and prepping cradled panels was all that really was achieved.

This morning, however, inspiration struck after checking Insta. A simple, encouraging comment provoked a bolt of inspo and I couldn`t get into the studio fast enough!

On a more personal note, words of kindness and encouragement can make a huge difference to people, some days.

I am really grateful that you are here, reading this. Please don`t hesitate to leave a comment and or constructive criticism, if you like. You are always welcome here!

Back to todays work in progress Here`s a little sneak peak...

41cm x 41cm

It is Oil on cradled panel and is spilling over with texture and colour.

What do you think, so far?

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