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New paintings in store!

Sorry that you haven`t heard much from me this month but I did say that if you signed up I wouldn`t bore you with endless posts, only when I had something exciting and new to tell you

I have been working on several new paintings this month and also developing and experimenting with some new materials.

I have started working with Encaustic and I have a few small pieces done. I love experimenting with this hot wax, painting technique and I will be uploading a few pieces to the shop, soon.

As with any fine art, these pieces are not suitable for a wall which is in strong sunlight, most of the time and as is the case with most oil paintings too, these encaustic pieces will continue to cure and harden over the next 18 months or so. Although they are made from a mix of beeswax and castor wax ,( used as a hardening agent) they will never be rock hard. They still only require the same care and consideration that you would afford any fine art piece.

Also new are some pieces which originated from me trying to find away to paint a large commission that appeared to be based on a grapevine ( or at least something not too flowery -The Hubby`s request) in Pinks, Purples , Peaches (Wife`s request) with a lot of white space in the background ( Decided by both!)

Hmmm... After some experimentation I decided I would " hand blow" them a large 40" x 40" piece on a white cradled panel.

They loved it so much that they ordered a second of the same size!

After seeing these pieces on Instagram, I got a few more commissions for a Beach house so I decided to give them an '

Underwater theme.

As a fairly natural progression, for me, I have now worked this technique into my two big loves - Florals and Landscapes.

Theses will be uploaded to the SHOP and if you are interested in a commission piece, I will only be available to do one or more, until the 25th March 2019, after which we will be back on the road, travelling. (I will only be taking my oils with me, this trip)

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