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Studio Happenings

It has been such a rewarding couple of weeks, in the studio, with new explorations and new paintings for Artopia Gallery, completed.

I have had several larger works on the go and I have them all placed side by side so I can see what needs work and what is finished. This has been invaluable... even if it does take a lot of extra space in the shed/ studio (which also happens to be a home brewery for the boys so you can imagine how happy they are to have pink paintings everywhere.. haha!)

I have a growing collection of ink and mixed media pieces which started out as colour warm ups, each morning but have now taken on a life of their own. I really look forward to doing a few each morning and I can`t wait to frame some! if you have seen them on Insta, recently, you will know that they resemble abstract florals... unintentional but I guess that`s because florals are a motif which I love to paint.

New works will soon be uploaded here but you can see them all on my Instagram gallery, now and they can be purchased... just send me a message and I will send you the details. Paypal makes it easy and secure.

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