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This Months Commissions

This month has been a really busy one for commissions which is always a great challenge and makes for fun but slightly nerve wracking times!

I have tackled everything from portraits of People and Pooches to our amazing Pilbara landscape complete with local Wildflowers.

I know not all Artists like Commission work but for me it presents a challenge and an opportunity to delve a little deeper into different subjects and sometimes different mediums.

Commissions can be tricky and there needs to be a good sense of trust and an understanding that the finished product will be a subject chosen by the Client as interpreted by the Artist... meaning that it is very important that if you are commissioning a painting, you really love the style/s of the Artist`s previous works and are willing to hand over your idea for them to interpret in their way.

This is such a rewarding and exciting process for both parties and if you have ever considered commissioning a SPECIAL piece of your own, I would love to hear your ideas and see if we are a good match to create that painting for your home or maybe even as a gift for someone or a special occasion... maybe a Wedding present or Anniversary gift?

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