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about me

About me...

What an amazing time of our lives.. when travelling this beautiful country was what we did, for more than six exceptional years.

As an Artist, I was certainly living the dream, exploring and painting was daily life!


Immersing myself in the stunning landscapes of this beautiful country, I found it only natural to want to record our travels and the amazing places we were lucky enough to discover, in a way that photos just can`t portray.

I had a small plastic box of oil paints, brushes and small canvas panels which I would buy from little stores on the way around, until I realised that my painting obsession was very likely going to remain part of my daily life, for the rest of my life, then I purchased a quality canvas, on a roll which I kept under the caravan bed. I made a sectioned plastic box which I could pop wet oil paintings in to dry. Whenever we were camped I would open the box to let the air help with the drying process and undoubtedly add another, fresh painting to the box.

When travel as we knew it, was no longer possible, we settled into our house and a double garage with a sink and Metter`s stove became my studio… so much space!!!

I have managed to fill my studio with all kinds of Art supplies and paintings waiting to dry, many of which will be sent to Artopia Gallery, in Kununurra. I have been represented by Artopia for a few years now and that was a dream come true, for sure. I had my first very successful Solo Show, at Artopia, in August 2021, an opportunity that I am so grateful for.  

Painting at home, for me, means painting from photographic inspiration and drawing on the memories of how places felt. This has resulted in my landscapes naturally, becoming more abstracted but I am OK with that. As an Artist and Creative, my practice is ever evolving and I am forming even deeper connections to the narrative and layers of myself  from within the layers of my work.

I invite you to come on a journey with me, through my paintings and  I am grateful that you are here. Enjoy ! 


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