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And the Winner is.... Me! ...What???

I was so surprised and elated to wake up after a particularly sleepless, Friday Night, to find that my favourite painting ever had won the Petite Pieces 2023, group show at the beautiful Aspire Gallery, Paddington, Qld.

This painting

holds a very special place in my heart and I actually thought I might not ever part with it! Always the way... I really love Aspire Gallery, I think my work is really suited to their vibe. I also really wanted representation by a gallery on the East Coast of Australia so I thought it was time to see if the stars were aligning for me?

This beautiful piece would have returned home, forever, if it had not sold and I promised myself I would keep it... Not to be!

On the upside though, it made my dream come true and I am so very grateful!

I cannot wait to work with the fabulous Irene, at Aspire Gallery, in the future and I am so grateful to the Judges and to my New Collector... you have a piece of my heart!

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